A trip to Blackpool wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Pasaje Del Terror, an attraction the Scare Directory team have visited many times (reviews from 2019 here and here). Every time we visit we either notice a new piece of scenery, new interaction or additional scares. This time was no different. The acting team were on top form, in a number of scenes two actors would attack you from different angles. All the actors were full of energy and got us well and truly over and over again. The clown threw in a fun improvisation playing off a younger slightly timid visitor. This managed to get laughs throughout the group. The comic relief only lasted briefly as we were tormented by Regan and the numerous characters that preceded.

Image courtesy of Pasaje Del Terror

Overall a fun visit with what felt like a larger cast than usual. We definitely experienced a higher number of scares this time in comparison to other visits which can only be a good thing. This is a great start to the 2020 season and hope the scares continue to flow. 

Pasaje Del Terror is currently open every weekend and will open more regularly as the season continues. Check out their website for full details. 

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